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Tips For Saving Money On The Best Synthetic Urine

Countless people are currently smoking marijuana for recreational purposes, to alleviate chronic health conditions, and to naturally address issues like anxiety or depression. Now that many states have legalized marijuana, this drug is easier to access than ever before. Moreover, weed prices have stabilized and consumers can choose from a much broader range of options. Despite the many positive changes that affect weed users, however, companies still frown upon marijuana use among their employees. As such, many people undergo mandatory drug testing as part of the normal hiring process. Some companies are also required to perform drug testing on a regular basis, as a way of mitigating workplace accidents and other problems related to on-the-job impairment. Although you might not ever arrive at the workplace high, this drug testing is still necessary and virtually unavoidable. The good news is that there are a number of tips, tools, and resources that you can use to ensure that you never get a positive.

The Problem With Cleansing

There are no sound arguments against the fact that abstinence is always the best method of passing a drug test. Apart from false positives, which do not occur as often as people think, there’s no way to test positive for drug use if you have not been using drugs in any way at all and have not been in an environment in which people have used drugs. There are, however, a few effective cleansing methods that you can put to use in order to clear your system out. But, you should bear in mind that these will only be effective if you’re willing and able to do your part – which usually means abstaining throughout the cleansing process.

For marijuana users, cleansing is rarely an effective method when there are less than two weeks to get the job done. Unlike other illicit substances, marijuana is fat soluble and stored in the individual’s body fats. People with high body fat percentages and those who have a habit of using the highest potency weed products they can find, tend to have the hardest time cleansing over a very short period. Drinking lots of cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, or water just won’t work. With weed, it is important to burn off the fat stores that contain THC or to give the body sufficient time to metabolize the THC that’s been stored in these cells.

Taking zinc is considered to be an effective way to block positive results in this testing, but many testing facilities are now looking for excessive amounts of zinc in urine samples. If you have a marijuana test to take and have been using a fairly high-potency strain in recent weeks, you’ll want to purchase the best synthetic pee you can find. You can use this in place of a natural urine sample so that there’s absolutely no risk of the lab finding THC in the liquids that you’ve submitted.

Using The Synthetic Urine To Pass Your Drug Test

When it comes to using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, there are still a number of important considerations to make. To start, you want to make sure that urine sampling is the type of testing that you’re required to undergo. It makes absolutely no sense to invest in the best synthetic pee if you’ll be asked for a sample of your saliva instead. Keep in mind that third-party testing facilities often perform urine or hair analysis, while small-sized companies that perform testing onsite analyze saliva via low-cost cheek swabbing sets.

Another vital factor to consider is whether or not the testing environment will make it easy for you to submit synthetic urine. For instance, you may have near-constant supervision while producing your urine sample. A lot of companies do this to ensure that people are not removing bags of pre-collected urine from the legs or inner thigh areas. There are other measures that are taken to ensure that false samples are not submitted. For instance, testing facilities make sure that urine samples are the appropriate temperature and that these are reflective of the individual’s natural characteristics, such as his or her gender and expected hormone profile.

Get The Synthetic Kit

With these things in mind, the best synthetic pee products are rarely standalone solutions. These come as part of comprehensive kits instead. When shopping for these products, look for kits that include warming devices, and genital prostheses for natural-looking elimination.

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