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You Failed The Urine Test Because You Used Cheap Stuff

It is no use crying about spilled milk. You always purchased the costliest performance-enhancing drugs to boost your on-field performance but opted for a cheap variant of fake urine. Now, that the results of the drug tests have arrived, you can see that your urine samples have not provided the desired results, and that, the WADA authorities have banned you from participating in sports for several years because you were trying to fool them during the urine test by using false urine. This might not have happened had you purchased the fake version of urine from a reputable online store. Their products might have been costlier, but they would have safeguarded your sporting career, as they, after mixing with water, would have resulted in a liquid that resembles human urine on different parameters such as specific gravity, color, and temperature.

You get what you pay for. Chances are that the shop owner purchased the fake pee from a manufacturer based in a third world country, where they are prepared in labs that have no diagnostic equipment to test the different parameters of fake pee. Manufacturing of fake pee requires mixing of different chemicals including uric acid, creatinine, etc in a specific proportion to achieve the desired results. The manufacturers then test the compound on sophisticated diagnostic machines to ensure that their consistency exactly matches real human pee. However, these diagnostic machines are very costly and are beyond the reach of manufacturers of adulterated fake urine. Chances are that the authorities of the World Anti Doping Agency detected that the temperature, specific gravity, or color of the urine sample you provided did not match their set parameters.

Once the WADA specialists doubted that you were trying to hoodwink them, it was only a matter of time before they tested the sample you had provided to comprehensive and detailed tests to confirm that you had indeed used fake pee. Using fake urine is not a crime as long as it remains undetected. You should always purchase your requirements from trustworthy online stress. Their products might be costly, but they will never test negative in the test conducted by WADA. The authorities test the temperature of the sample you provided as soon as you hand over the container to them. This is where fake urine fails, as it does not generate temperature in the region of 90-100ยบ Fahrenheit. A good quality fake pee will also have the exact acidic properties (pH level) and a strong odor of natural pee. For more details about successfully passing urine tests, visit

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